Projects & Publications


Digital lending to increase FinTech adoption

Refresh-able braille device

Designing interactions for a low-cost refresh-able device

Bendswipe - bend & touch based target zooming

Deformation based interaction, input interactions

Mapping user-centric deformation gesture to camera & video-player functions

#gesture-function mapping

Design of a Virtual Reality Zone @ the Guwahati Planetarium

VR Zone to educate on solar system, planets and universe

VR content creation platform

Content creation platform for developing digital training modules for health workers

Activities & Announcements

Design Thinking for Effective Governance

A one-day workshop on "Design Thinking for Effective Governance" was organized for IAS and ACS officers of Kamrup district in Assam.

Interaction Design workshop @ MITID

A workshop for 2nd-year undergraduate students of MIT Institute of Des .....

Workshop on “Design Thinking"

The workshop on “Design Thinking and Team Building” was aimed to i .....

Call for PhD positions

EILab invites candidates to apply for PhD positions in HCI.

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