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 Call for PhD in HCI @ Embedded Interaction Lab (EILab), IIT Guwahati

To All - Who are looking for meaningful work, interested in emerging and fascinating areas of HCI - We at EILab are opening calls for PhD 2017 (July).

We are majorly looking candidates who are interested in two broad following areas

1. Novel interaction techniques (methods/modalities) for flexible displays and devices - In general, we expect candidate to explore and experiment on new interaction techniques (e.g. bend, squeeze, fold, roll and many more to be identified during research) for future flexible displays and devices. This area further expands to exploring possibilities on new shapes, contextual interaction techniques and dynamically changing interfaces for flexible displays and devices. We are working in this area since last 2.5 years and lab has all facilities and guidance to support research in this area

2. Virtual reality (VR) - research exploration on immersion, displays sizes (HMD, CAVE, monitor-based displays etc.) and related input methods (gestures, gaze, speech, specialized devices etc.) and user interactions, feedback methods (visual, aural, haptic - tactile, proprioceptic etc.). We are open for research exploration in domains of visualization, walk-through and training.

These are broad descriptions, so whoever is interested in it, can further email me. We can have a detailed discussion on each of these topics and your interest areas. Please prepare a brief statement of purpose with following details

How to prepare a State of Purpose (SoP)

1. State your primary interest of study within above described domains. Be as specific and clear as possible in describing your interests

2. State your objective in pursuing a PhD (in general) and your application to EILab

3. Detail out your background (educational, industrial, professional experience) and explain how your background will help in achieving objectives in proposed research areas. Please include your technical, design and social science skill sets or any relevant skillset that you think will help in your PhD

4. Describe any other information you wish to inform us, we would be happy to know

5. Attach your current resume, including a summary of research experience and a list of publications. If you have a portfolio, do not hesitate to attach it. Attach copies of any publications that you may have

Ideal candidate: Ideally we aim to make a team with different expertise, which enables peer learning. We are looking for candidates who should have background in HCI, strong programming & electronics skills or psychology theories. Preferably the candidate should have worked for few years (in industry or research labs) and have a clear about the motivation to do a PhD.

We are currently accepting only full time candidates. We will provide sponsorship to the candidates, however candidates of industry-sponsored category are also welcome to apply.

The application should be routed through IIT Guwahati website. Please go through the details at - http://www.iitg.ernet.in/acad/AdvtNotificationJuly2017/AdvtNotificationJuly2017.htm. Last date for application is 17.04.2017

Interested people can send an email to keyur@iitg.ernet.in or keyurbsorathia@gmail.com for any questions.