PROJECTS Enhancing movie-watching experiences for hearing impaired

Hearing impaired individuals lack the sense of hearing while watching movies or videos, however a strong desire to experience the movie or video is always observed among them. We developed a conceptual experiment that enhances the movie watching experience among hearing impaired individuals. The total number of characters in the screen space, speaking character, the gender of the character, toggling between subtitles are featured to ensure that the information is clearly communicated and further contextualized according to the users. We hypothesize that it will enhance experience of watching movies (or any videos) among hearing impaired individuals. Following video demonstrates specific use cases and features of the proposed solution.

Team members: Shimmila Bhowmick, Vrushin Goswami, Sumit Arora, Rohan Vijay, Samadrita Das, Meenal Mandil and Keyur Sorathia