shimmila bhowmickShimmila Bhowmick


Shimmila is a PhD student at EIlab. She has a background in Electronics Engineering. Prior to joining her PhD, she has worked in the domain of Accessibility - hearing, speech, locomotion and individuals with situational accessibility - a project funded by Samsung Research at EILab. She, along with her team members developed concepts that aide users in important tasks through mobile phone interventions. She has also worked in designing novel shapes and interaction methods for flexible displays. She is also part of collaborative project with Jaguar Land Rover that aims to define user experience metrics for interfaces for vehicle dashboards. All of these projects inspired her to pursue her research in the field of HCI.

She has finally joined PhD in the summer of 2016 and is currently exploring the advances of HCI in skill development and training of Community Health Workers. Her research aims to develop ICT supported mobile phone based training and educational modules for Community Health Workers by exploring the potential of emerging HCI areas (e.g. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality and multimodal interfaces). Her interest also varies in the field of Ethnography and Cognitive Psychology. 

Apart from work she has this sincere love for food and reading autobiographies and keen interest in sports and travel. She is also trying to be consistent in her learning of a new language each year. She can be contacted at shimmila.bhowmick @ gmail.com

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