Central and state government release the budget each year distributing the financial resources for a variety of causes. They propose new schemes, new initiatives and continue existing initiatives under multiple umbrellas – depending upon government’s priorities. The budget builds a direction for the country/state and strengthens the growth. However, major budget details are presented in a printed book/brochure format – which remains inaccessible to the citizens.

E-budget is first of its kind initiative across the country to present the Assam budget of the year 2018 in an intuitive, user-friendly and seamless manner. E-budget is a mobile application designed for legislators and citizens to learn about new schemes, budget allocation to current schemes, key initiatives, major announcements, CM’s projects and many more. The legislator application is designed for a tablet, whereas a mobile application download through Google Playstore is designed for the citizens.
E-budget is designed and developed in collaboration with Finance Department, Government of Assam. The budget was presented on 11th March 2018.

E-budget App can be downloaded from