PROJECTS Aloe - Complete Diabetic Care

Globally, more than 350 million people suffer with some form of diabetes. India contributes second highest in absolute numbers with approximately 70 million individuals in 2015. International Diabetes Federation (IDF) predicts the rise till 109 million by 2035. We studied fundamental causes for high number of diabetic patients in India, potential methods to prevent the rise and opportunities to overcome the future challenges of diabetes and resulting health risks.

Aloe is a unified and seamlessly integrated network of doctors, diagnostic labs and patients that enables timely, easy and effective diabetic care through a web and mobile interface. The proposed network reduces the delay in communication channels between important entities of effective diabetic care, an approach explored by very few. The current solutions work in isolation, demanding manual integration of important entities which results in delay in decision making and appropriate preventive measures.

Aloe monitors and analyses patient health history, tracks patients health in real time, provide contextual recommendations, remote consultation and relevant data sharing among key players of diabetic ecosystem. This is done with information data communicated by patients, doctors and diagnostic labs. It consists of a web portal – accessed by doctors and diagnostic labs and a mobile application – accessed by patients. The web portal features live patient monitoring, health data analysis, critical/emergency condition reminders, appointment and consultation reminders, alert on medicines and diagnostic tests, e-referrals and remote consultation.

Information architecture of stage I is provided here for better understanding of categories, flow and features of the system.

The following image demonstrates the web portal view for doctors, which provides information on appointments, medical history of each patient and live reports of the patients. It enables doctors to view appointments every day, allow them to update or cancel appointment schedules.

A complete database of each patient is created through – patients’ personal details, diabetic and obstetric history, illness, symptoms, examination reports and medication details.

Patients can view their health details – e.g. medication history and relevant next stages, real time health updates, symptoms, examination and analysis reports. It also enables remote connectivity to the doctors.

This project is done by Surjmani Laishram and Madhuri Bhavna as a part of their thesis projects.