Multimodal interactions in the field of HCI offers an opportunity to accommodate modalities often used in human-human communication to support their communication with the computers. Since humans associate interactions with everyday objects through multiple senses, the same is desired to communicate with the computers and computing platforms. Their rich sensory inputs to the machine can include touch, gesture, sight, sound, voice, smell, external objects or combination of these.

In this project, we propose four different categories of interactions with a smartphone and their demonstration through use cases in the context of education. These four categories are a) energised token stimulated interfaces b) environment stimulated interfaces c) scan n explore interfaces and d) multidevice interfaces. Each category is further developed with 2 use cases each to explain the possibility and potential of such interfaces.

We have currently developed the prototypes, which further needs to evaluated to understand its acceptance. The project has been awarded for CII Design Excellence Award in Interaction Design Category. This project is in collaboration with Xerox Research Center India (XRCI).

Team members: Ankit Kumar, Jatin Bajaj, Akash Harlalka, Om Deshmukh, Kuldeep Yadav and Keyur Sorathia