Tangify is a tangible learning toolkit designed for specially-abled children of 3-7 years old, specially targeted towards three disabilities including autism, cerebral palsy and ADHD. This learning toolkit consists of an interactive platform and a set of tokens representing different fruits. The interactive platform is further divided into 4 sections - name, spelling, colour and how to eat for each fruit. Users can learn about different characteristics of fruits by placing different tokens of the fruit in different sections of the Tangify platform. Once a child places a particular fruit’s token in one of the section on the Tangify platform, an animated video will start playing telling about one of the features of that fruits which could be a name, colour, spelling or action. The animated video repeats multiple times with an aim to reduce the need for continuous involvement of teachers, which is often observed a problem in schools for differently-abled. We have also introduced a Tangify quizzing module wherein once a child has learnt about certain fruits he can answer by placing the tokens on the Tangify platform. The system is designed with an aim to reduce the extensive workload of the teachers amounting from the continuous repetition of concepts.

This project is designed and developed as a part of a Tangible User Interface (TUI) offered by EILab.
Project team: Dipendra Namdeo, Rohan Vijay, Uddipana Baishya, Poulami Chakraborty