Cerebral Palsy possess permanent movement and posture non-flexibility and inaccuracies, often demanding training for improving gross and fine motor skills. One of the consistent demand in fine motor skills are development of precise hand rotation. PhysiTable is a tangible interface platform aimed to improve hand-eye coordination and hand rotations for cerebral palsy children. It consists of an interactive board, one tracing cube and 3 rotating cubes. Interactive board consists of train rails where the users are expected to move the cubes on the demonstrated rails. Rails have glowing led strip beneath which glows on the basis of different training levels. Tracing cube glows with same colour of the path. Rotating cubes are attached to the board whereas tracing cube is free. Three types of paths - blue colored path with one turn, red colored path with two turns and green colored path with zig-zag motion are presented on the interactive board. Teachers are trained to give different path according to users' training levels. Light and sound feedback are given if correct paths are traced.

Informal evaluation was conducted with cerebral palsy children at a local NGO called Shishu Sarothi which demonstrated active engagment and interest to use the system.

This project is designed and developed as a part of Tangible User Interface (TUI) offered by EILab.

Project team: Shobhit Gupta, Meenal Mandil, Needa Jamil, Jaspreet Singh, Suwardhan Ahirrao