Wearable platform provide ubiquitous and persistent body embodied data anytime-anyplace, one of the most important parameter for measuring real-time health indicators. Research indicates increased impact of lifestyle changes e.g. regulation of sleep patterns, consistent physical activity, regulation of stress, BMI etc. as compared to medical treatment and pharmacotherapeutic interventions. Activ-Wear is a wearable interface developed to motivate pre-diabetic (or IGT) patients to persuade active and healthy lifestyle changes. It is a health toolkit to aide pre-diabetic patients in progression towards normalcy through providing real time persuasion on physical activity, sleep monitoring, stress, weight control and on-the-move dietary intake suggestions.

As a part of this project, a prototype presenting real time walking-running speed on wearable device of LG G Watch was developed and further investigated to measure the impact of real time speed presentation on (a) consistency of speed and (b) increase in speed of walking-running. The study was conducted with 10 pre-diabetic patients for a period of 14 days, where they were asked to walk for 5 km with and without Activ-Wear. The study also measured the motivation across participants through IMI method.

The results of the study will be published in few days - we will update the results here.

This project was sponsored by Nokia Research Center, India.

Project by: Safinah Ali