Tuberculosis is a disease with devastating social and economic costs. The problem of poor adherence is of major concerns in the developing countries like India. In 2009, out of the estimated global annual incidence of 9.4 million TB cases, 2 million were estimated to have occurred in India, thus contributing to a fifth of the global burden of TB (TB INDIA, Annual Status Report, 2012).

A qualitative user study was conducted with 11 people living with Tuberculosis (TB) in rural Assam, India with the view of gaining insights to develop new Information Communication Technology (ICT) interventions for the empowerment of TB patients. We investigated problems faced by TB patients, understanding existing situation of the incoherence of DOTS, patient-professional relationship, access to diagnosis and treatment, social and family dynamics, technology usage and literacy among the TB patients. We found that TB patients have limited access to information, unawareness of cause, precaution and prevention of TB, lack of motivation to continue medication, patients feel shy to consult doctors with early symptoms; instead consult local pharmacists, leading to a considerable delay in disease identification. It is observed that TB patients spend idle and longer time during medication at the waiting area of healthcare centres, which makes them a potential space for the implementation of ICT interventions to promote adherence to TB therapy.
"Parichaya" presents a novel approach for increasing adherence for Tuberculosis therapy, among patients. ‘Parichaya’, a Tuberculosis Adherence Medikit, uses narratives as a form of communication, that will reach to individual users and increase information awareness about tuberculosis and its medication, in turn motivating them and ensuring their adherence to Tuberculosis therapy.

Publication: Seth, H., & Sorathia, K. (2013, September). Parichaya-a low-cost device to increase adherence among Tuberculosis patients in rural Assam. In Proceedings of the 11th Asia Pacific Conference on Computer Human Interaction (pp. 55-62).

Parichaya - Low cost TB adherence Medikit awarded Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) for the year 2014 Award Ceremony.

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