History is consistently listed as the least favorite subject among the students of Indian high schools due to the boring learning experience which it offers. With revolution in technology and immense advancements in the digital world everybody seems to have made his peace with digital electronics and everything being made digital, even education system is on the same track. Keeping this in mind the love of current generation towards digital electronics we designed a tangible tool for learning Indian history which can be straight away put to use in schools and museums. This was achieved using fiducial marker tracking technology and all the interactions were performed on a table top horizontal surface. The two sample events chosen from Indian history were Dandi March (1930) and The Revolt of 1857 (Mangal Pandey). Iconic tangible approach was used in the project so that students can easily relate to the events and iconic figures of Indian history. Information to the users were fetch in the form of audio visual content rather than the mainstream text mode which is found to be boring and has lower recall value than all other modes.

Project by:Himanshu Bansal, Ranju Ravindran, Varun Nagpal