Indian agriculture is very diverse. Its diversity includes variation in agri-practices, cultivating methods, terrain problems, climatic conditions, cultural perspective and water composition. Practises, choices and needs change completely according to cultivable terrain. Recent advancement in agricultural services have encouraged subsidised regime but it is hardly promoted through significant usage of information and communication technology (ICT) services. To understand the existing agricultural & cultural practices and set of problems; contextual user research was conducted in the region of Western Uttar Pradesh, specifically in the area of Orai, Jalaun district. 8 farmers and 5 traders were interviewed to gather relevant information and insights. The major insights found during the study were, lack of information regarding government supported minimum supported price (MSP), high yielding seeds, fertilizers, agricultural loans, multiple trader prices, fertilizer distribution information, finding labors and their costs, expert agriculture advices and many more.

The proposed project called "Kisan Mitra" is a mobile application that helps to bridge the gap between government agricultural services and farmers. The idea is make education and information available for farmers to get benefited of government agricultural services. Kisna Mitra is a mobile application provides context specific information about 4 major sets of below contents

Mandi Bhav
Minimum supported prices
Subsidized services
Agriculture information (context specific information from UP)