Mental illness is characterized by disturbances in thinking, feeling, memories, judgment etc. resulting in behavior and difficulties in coping with day-to-day activities. The project “Designing for mentally ill” involves detailed ethnography study of the behavior of mentally ill person along with analysis of their situations at different intervals devising relevant recovery methods. As an output from these explorations, using a participatory design method involving mentally ill users of a NGO – Ashadeep, a project called “Today I like” evolved. It consists of a flower shaped base and badges of different activities associated with their everyday schedule. Users are asked to choose their most liked activity and place it on the base. Once placed, the system gives audio feedback validating their placements. Through Today I Like, users will express and share various positive likings among each other and caregivers in their daily routine. It encourages physical and mental engagement through tangible interface design aiming to support and procreate positive thoughts.