InViQ is visual-only Q&A platform designed for designers to get peer and expert support in building relevant skillset and design expertise. It enables design aspirants, design students and professionals, to ask any design-centric questions. It is an effortless, intuitive and scholarly way to answer all your design queries. It is a visual-only platform where all your questions are answered by domain experts and peers in an accurate, authenticate and timely manner.

It empowers its users to (a) Ask any questions/doubts to always growing community of design experts, scholars, aspirants and design professionals (b) Get scholarly and accurate answers domain experts and peers (c) Share your design knowledge and design solutions to contribute to the community and (d) Discover knowledge catered to your design interests

InViQ works in 2 simple steps – (i) Capture/upload a video or images, (ii) post the question to all InViQ users or dedicated experts to get answers. The mobile application is only available for Android. It can be downloaded from the link below.

InViQ App can be downloaded from  here