This project is an extension of "Pragati" project, which is a mobile-based VR application aimed to train and educate health workers on maternal and child healthcare. To increase to the scalability of this project and ensure sustainability, the project aimed to create software for health professionals (including doctors, health workers) to self-create new modules on maternal and child healthcare.

In this project, we designed and developed a software platform for health professionals to self-create VR based maternal and childcare modules through intuitive user interactions and user interfaces.

The proposed software platform will enable the creation of educational modules in (a) VR mode and (b) interactive video mode. A predefined set of characters, scene, virtual objects and health materials are made available. The health professionals can use the intuitive user interface to simply drag-and-drop required elements and action to create an educational module. Moreover, a pre-defined framework to create a module flow is also present to assist the users in creating a video

Please use the below link to view the video explaining the software and the prototype.

VR content creation platform App can be downloaded from  here