This work presents a study investigating the mapping of deformation gestures to the commonly performed functions of the camera and a video player. These interactions are performed in a one-handed landscape mode. We evaluated user preference and appropriateness of 48 gesture-function
pairs and ease of performance of 4 deformation gestures. The study was conducted with 30 participants. We found that “Top-right corner bend in” gesture is the easiest to perform and it constitutes all the most preferred and significantly most appropriate gesture-function pairs. We found no significant correlation between the ease of performing the gestures and appropriateness of gesture-function pairs. We also found the influence of directional cues, locations, and
size of deformation and the spatial direction associated with the functions.

This study offers implications for mapping deformation gestures to the functions of landscape mode interaction. We believe that the findings of this study will be helpful to researchers and designers designing input methods for one-handed landscape mode interactions using deformation gestures.