Out of a total of 540 million active internet users in India, only 21% of them have made any financial (or digital financial) transaction using mobile or web platform. The remaining users, ofter called as emergent users have not attempted or adopted fintech services which are commonly used in urban India. A large segment of emergent users resides in semi-urban and rural users.

A contextual inquiry with the emergent users revealed a 4 stage fintech journey of non-adoption of such service. It starts with the reluctance of using a new platform for digital transaction, followed by fear of losing money (or other financial independence). This leads to mistrust in the digital transaction and fintech ecosystem leading to the abandonment of any Fintech services. The study also revealed adoption and acceptance of small lending or borrowing model in a local community, which motivated the proposal of Credlow.

Credlow is a digital lending service provided to emergent users to increase adoption, acceptance and usage of Fintech platforms. It is designed to be a part of any mobile-based Fintech platform (e.g. PayTM, PhonePe, Samsung Pay etc.). It builds on the Hook model to create habit among users to increase usage and engagement. A major feature of Credlow is to provide small financial lending to users in order to increase usage of Fintech service. This is complemented using fintech training using the non-financial transaction to increase system understanding, micro-interaction to increase UI familiarity and peer group support to increase trust among the targeted users. The graphical interface includes colours that build trust, positivity and enthusiasm to further bring and retain emergent users on the Fintech platform.