The lack of education and unskilled workforce of Community Health Workers (CHWs) is well known. Key challenges observed in lack of skilled CHWs are insufficient training, non-engaging and ineffective methods, passive learning, no feedback on their learning and little or no updates/trainings on new methods for healthy practices.
The project aims to empower rural CHWs through effective training and educational services, which in turn results in improved health awareness and health practices among community members. The objective is to create interactive training and education modules for CHWs about important health indicators, which are engaging, expressive, easy to remember and have a lasting memory.

We have designed and developed Pragati, a mobile application interface to aide CHWs with peer learning and sharing and education and skill development through information modules. Interactive audio-visual animations supported through virtual reality (VR) – head-mounted displays (HMDs) are used to design information modules in maternal and child healthcare. Peer learning and sharing interface allows CHWs to share their contextual learning and experiences through audio only, picture+audio and video uploading. Similarly, the interface also allows CHWs to ask moderated questions and answer doubts of other CHWs – making a complete ecosystem for knowledge, education and skillset development. A strong incentive structure is designed to ensure increased adoption of Pragati, including free internet, mobile recharge and most important incentive of increasing social status of CHWs.

At this stage, Pragati aides ASHAs and ASHA supervisors/trainers for the proposed objectives.

We are currently in the process of creating basic technology infrastructure including free internet at health centers, incentives to encourage usage and adoption of Pragati. The application is in the development stage and will be soon available free to download on Google Playstore.

Major Features

Audio-visual animation viewed in VR HMD mode, 360-degree mode and traditional video mode on mobile phones.
Peer learning platform enabling health workers to share contextual stories, experiences and new methods of information dissemination used by local health workers.
Peer learning platform enabling health workers to ask and answer the doubts/questions experienced by other health workers.
Incentives in the form of free internet, mobile recharge and enhanced social status for increased adoption and usage

Information modules contents

Pragati includes 8 working information modules on maternal and child healthcare. More modules are going to be incorporated in coming months.
All the modules name

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